Q. What is a POP COVER?

A. Our POP COVER products are highly protective smartphone and tablet covers made from a unique material. They can be personalised with any image. They come in many sizes to fit all the latest smartphone and tablet devices, and in two surfaces, gloss and matt. They are fun and easy to design on our website. They are durable and mark resistant.

Q. How protective are POP COVERs?

A. Our sophisticated process embeds images into the plastic surface of the case, and protects them with a strong clear finish – the result is an image that is not on the case, but inside it, and protected from scratches, fading, wear, and damage. Our products are built to protect the device and the beauty of the images – and to last.

Q. What are POP COVERs made from?

A. Our case products are made from very high specification Amorphous Polymers, the same materials which are used on space missions and on bicycle helmets. Our moulds precisely match the dimensions of devices to ensure the best possible fit.

Q. Are POP COVERs produced in the UK and are the products compliant with EU regulations?

A. POP COVERs are printed and finished in the UK at our Leeds or Farnham based laboratory. Our customer service team are UK based and all shipping of POP COVERs is carried out by reputable UK based shippers. POP COVER consumables (inks, films, etc.) are manufactured in Europe and the USA, under ISO 9000 conditions. We are ROHs & REACH compliant. POP COVER Cases & Products (equipment, case blanks, etc.) are manufactured in Korea for supreme quality and consistency.

Q. What about consumer electronics specifications?

A. All our cases meet or exceed industry standard Consumer Electronics Surface Decoration specifications.

Q. How quickly will new POP COVERs be available for new phones and tablet devices?

A. We usually have the latest phone and tablet covers  available on the actual launch day of the new device.

Q. What about print quality?

A. Our print quality reflects the highest resolution full colour printing technology available today, ensuring photo – quality results on plastic surfaces. Registration of images can be maintained to +/- 1mm. Clearly the quality of the customers uploaded image has an effect on the results!

Q. What is 3D wrap?

A. Our decoration is a full – wrap 3D process, extending around the 3D surface of the case – including the sides, edges, and corners. This unique process offers significant advantage over traditional flat – surface printing, both in terms of visual appeal and end customer experience.

Q. Is there a POP COVER app?

A. Not yet but we are currently designing an app and our plan is to launch the app in mid to late 2017. 

Q. Does anyone else make anything like a POP COVER?

A. We do not comment on other companies products. However, we feel POP COVERs are the highest quality, durable, and long lasting phone and tablet covers currently available.

Q. Does a POP COVER have any branding on it?

A. Not always. We sometimes put a removable sticker on the inside surface of the POP COVER in order to promote POP COVER or one of our other brands. These can be removed easily. We will not force the printing of our brands or logos onto your POP COVERs.

Q. If I have a problem with the running of the website or I think I have found a bug, who do I contact?

A. You can contact us at us@popcover.co.uk

Q. If I have a complaint to make about the website , including incorrect payment taken, compromised user account, forgotten password, invalid voucher/discount code etc, who do I contact?

A. You can contact us at us@popcover.co.uk Please quote name, postcode, and login email address.

Q. How quickly do you respond to email queries?

A. We aim to respond to customer emails the same working day, or at least within 24 hours. Our office hours are 0900 – 1700 Mon to Friday. Normal UK holiday periods also have an effect on our response time, for example during bank holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Q. Do you have a contact phone number?

A. The quickest way to reach us is via email at us@popcover.co.uk We plan to introduce a contact phone number at a later date.