POP COVER: Personalised Protection

Smartphones and tablets are ever-increasing in capabilities – and costs – which is why it’s important to protect yours. Our POP COVER’s are built not only to protect your devices, but also to personalise them. 

With our unique Case Designer, it’s easy to create personalised cases for you and your loved ones, using images uploaded from your own computer. We pride ourselves on our ability to create high-quality device covers that deliver, with benefits including:

  • high-specification amporphous poymers – the same materials used by NASA
  • full 3D wrap
  • the highest resolution full colour printing technology available today
  • free delivery

POP COVER stock a variety of different cases with different capabilities – all of which can be personalised. Find our which one is best for you:



SNAP out of the conventional with this super-slim and lightweight case, available in a gloss or matte finish. It’s intimate design makes it easy to slide your phone into your pocket with ease, having minimal impact on your overall device size.

Specifications & Benefits:

  • Slim form factor & lightweight
  • Impact-resistant Polycarbonate shell
  • Gloss or matte finish
  • Clear ports for accessibility



For those you like to TOUGH it out. Featuring a dual layer for extra protection, this is our toughest phone and tablet case. Features a TPU liner designed to cushion and protect your phone from impact. Virtually indestructible, the TOUGH is made to last.

Specifications & Benefits:

  • Dual layer for extra protection
  • Durable Polycarbonate outer shell
  • Black TPU liner for impact resistance
  • Minimal impact on overall device size
  • Gloss or matte finish
  • Clear ports for accessibility


IP5 Clik 02

CLIK your style with this interchangeable case, designed for those who like to keep it fresh (and those who can’t make up their mind!). The removable shell allows you to easily swap out and change the design as often as you like, allowing you to mix and match between you favourite looks.

Specifications & Benefits:

  • Built-in bumper for extra protection
  • Interchangeable clip-on panel
  • Inner TPU liner for impact resistance
  • Clear ports for accessibility


iPhone 6 BakPak 1 01

Designed for those who like the travel light, the BAKPAK1 provides discreet storage for your bank card or travel card. The simplistic design features an interchangeable sliding shell and a baseplate engineered for long tern durability, with minimal impact on overall device size.

Specifications & Benefits:

  • Slim & lightweight
  • Discreet single card storage
  • Interchangeable sliding panel
  • Clear ports for accessibiltiy


iPhone 6 BakPak 2 02

The BAKPAK2 features a practical design as well as excellent protection. A TPU cushion liner safeguards your phone from damage, whilst the hidden compartment in the outer shell stores up to two cards. Ideal for those who travel light.

Specifications & Benefits:

  • TPU base protection
  • Interchangeable hinged shell
  • Discreet storage for up to two cards
  • Clear ports for accessibility


iPhone 6 BakPak 3 03

The BAKPAK3 is the ultimate combination of phone case and wallet, storing up to three cards plus cash. The BAKPAK3 features an interchangeable and customisable sliding shell, which not only allows you quick and easy access to your cards, but can also be replaced with new designs whenever you feel like it. It also includes a TPU cushion liner ensures extra durability and protection.

Specifications & Benefits:

  • TPU protection
  • Storage for three cards and cash
  • Interchangeable sliding outer shell
  • Clear ports for accessibility


iPhone 6 Folio 02

Get organised with the sleek and stylish FOLIO case, made from faux leather with a contemporary grey elastic fastening. The unique design provides front and back protection, as well as card and cash storage. Can be folded into a supporting stand for easy media watching.

Specifications & Benefits:

  • Slim form & lightweight
  • Contemporary, stylish design
  • Storage for three cards plus cash
  • Faux leather finish
  • Stand feature for watching media
  • Clear ports for accessibility